Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Text for Kevin Smith

Dominic Mulvey here. My company is D.Nulvey Opticians. We're different because our service is mobile. We test eyes and supply spectacles to individuals in their own homes and to groups of residents in Nursing Homes as well as to staff in their places of work.

Under EU and HSA legislation all employers are now obliged to provide regular eye tests for those of their staff who use computers. We go on site, do the tests and refer on any medical conditions. If spectacles are needed we supply them and we complete a written report for the employer. This keeps the company compliant and saves them a €3,000 fine.

I would like to contact the HR Manager or the Health and Safety Officer in HIQA, Irish Ferries and Intel.

Thank you

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wed 24th Mar 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

Dominic Mulvey here I am the managing Director of D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd. We are the BNI Opticians. The sectors we operate in fall into 3 categories : 1. Domestic. We call to the homes or places of work of our customers and carry out a full optometric examination and provide spectacles if needed. This service is available free of charge to anyone holding a Medical Card. For those without a medical card, we provide this service at €95 to include one pair of single vision spectacles to the standard medical card type frame. Fashion and designer frames are available from us at reasonable prices. 2.Nursing Homes we currently look after the needs of the residents of 25 Nursing Homes along the Eastern Seabord most of whom are covered by their Medical Cards. 3. Corporate Eye Care. We go on site to companies and examine the eyes of all staff using computer equipment and provide a written report for the HR and Insurance records of the company. If spectacles are needed we can provide them. This service keeps the company compliant with the EU Regulations and the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act which provides for a €3,000 fine for companies who fail to have their staffs' eyes checked regularly.

Good referrals for us are a. Individuals who are housebound or too busy to leave their home or office during working hours. b. The HR officer or Health and Safety Manager in any business, charity or government department amd c. the director of nursing or general manager in any nursing homes in Leinster.
That's Dominic Mulvey D.Mulvey Opticians